Petra Kennel and Trillium Hill Kennel are
pleased to present the Litter Evaluation Report
of the Zena/Artus Litter!

Litter Evaluation Report

May 20-21, 2000

Performed by Tina Barber and Karen Ursel
(Breed Warden and ISSR Certified Litter Evaluator)
Download a Sample  Litter Evaluation Report with explanation of the tests


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Blue Collar Dark Brown Sable Smooth  Male
a/k/a "Fat Boy"

Human Interaction:  C  / Wanted to investigate but came right after being called
Submission/Dominance A/1 / Excellent / Started to fight and kept fighting until count of 4, held to 8 and then fought again. 
Sociability:  A  / Demanding and vocal
Elevation/forgiveness:  A  
Pain Threshold:  4 but started pulling at 2 
Retrieve Drive: A / Picked up and returned squeaky toy and ball 
Gun shyness: A
Fighting Drive A / Ran to can--2nd time barked at it.  Took the tug but wasn't too interested in it.
Maze:  B / Walked through the maze in 3 seconds
Head:  Good dentition, good bite, strong ear set with  slightly triangular perfectly shaped ears, stop was not well pronounced, muzzle was broader than it appeared to be
Structure:  Feet were splayed (almost borderline harefoot), nice leg, very slight wither, nice neck,  high hocked, no sickle, nice bone, not much chest,  nice perfect croup, excellent length of body, good tail set, very solid with a lot of substance
Movement: Beautiful side gait, good rear drive, very clean coming and going
Exceptional Qualities: Extremely tall, leggy Shane look alike and with "The" Kari's exceptional temperament!
Faults: Head--improper "type", long toes
Final Quality: Breeding
Temperament: Medium Hard
Projection: Obedience Prospect  / Breeding

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This boy will certainly become the tallest NB pup born so far! We can easily expect him to go well over 30 inches! Since he is non-MAW and has size, hips--intelligence to die for--and the potential to add outstanding vitality to future generations, he must be utilized properly to help in expanding the Shiloh gene pool.


1426a.jpg (45013 bytes)


Green Collar Male
Reddish/Brown Sable Plush


Human Interaction: B / Took off to circle around but came happily to the tester
Submission Dominance A /4  (Complained at 2, struggled at 4 and became violent at 7) 
Elevation/Forgiveness:  A, struggled a bit
Pain Threshold:  4 / started pulling at 3
Retrieve Drive: C / took off with squeaky toy, ran up to ball but did not pick it up
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting Drive:  Looked at can, the second time took off from the noise, not interested in tug
Maze:  B / 14 seconds / Stopped at each section to look over the top
Head:  Full dentition, good bite, ears well above the line, perfect Shiloh Shepherd ears (triangular), good stop, a little bit of a dome, nice broad muzzle
Structure: Good bone,  nice depth of chest but it was high, very slight wither, nice neck, adequate thigh, nice sickle, good strong pasterns, one foot slightly splayed, nice croup, extra long tail, good length of body, well balanced 
Movement Very clean, didn't reach
Exceptional Qualities Excellent head type
Faults: Lack of confidence
Final Quality: Restricted breeding
Temperament:  Medium Soft
Tina's Additional Comments: 

This beautiful Laz look alike will make his mark on many generations to come by producing the "Ideal Shiloh Type" future GV with extremely strong hips that will help to re-establish sound health and proper type for the rest of this decade.


1423.jpg (55767 bytes)

Green and Yellow Collar
Black Sable Plush  Male

Human Interaction: A / slowly and lazily came to tester
Submission/Dominance:  B/10 /  very slow--almost fell asleep during the submission test
Sociability: C / not interested, wagged tail but uncaring and would not recall several times, then came with the tail wagging
Pain Threshold:  5
Fighting Drive:  A / showed no interest in can, picked up the tug and then the leash to chew on it.
Retrieve Drive:  B / will retrieve if he feels like it at the time
Gun shyness: A
Maze: B/ 7 seconds / went slowly through the maze
Head:  Good bite, full dentition, not as much stop, nicely domed head, ears right on the line but nicely shaped "Shep" ears (a little larger than Tina would like), nice bottom jaw, nice broad muzzle
Structure:  A little more spring in pasterns, slightly long toes, adequate bone but not extreme, more chest, awesome front, fair wither, good shoulder lay back, adequate thigh, nice sickle, nice top line, good croup, nice tail, nice hocks 
Movement: Very clean coming and going, nice rear drive, no reach
Exceptional Qualities:   Very mellow but confident attitude
Faults:  Heavy ears, smaller bone
Final Quality: Breeding
Temperament: Soft
Projection: Couch potato!

Tina's additional comments: 

This boy will stop a lot of traffic because of his reddish brown fully covered by black markings! Although he is very confident, he is also extremely lazy and will not be well suited for any competitive type of training. He will fit in well where he can lead a life of royal indulgence, without any demands of (work) performance expected.


1422a.jpg (55665 bytes)

Blue/Yellow Collar
Brown Sable Smooth Male

Human Interaction: A, alert with tail wagging, showed interest in his surroundings
Submission/Dominance:  A/10   Did slight complaining, vocal and moved hind legs
Sociability: A
Elevation/forgiveness:  A/ wagged tail and tried to lick tester's nose
Pain Threshold: 3
Retrieve Drive:  Picked up toy to chew on, walked up to the ball but wasn't too interested
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting Drive: A/ did not like can but did not run from it, not interested in the tug
Maze: B/ 4-5 seconds--walked right through the maze
Head:  Good bite, doesn't have much of a stop, adequate muzzle, a bitchier head, dome not as pronounced, will have a slightly faded muzzle, ears slightly above the line and nicely shaped
Structure: Chest high, slight wither, excellent topline, nice neck, doesn't have very good shoulder lay back, good croup, nice tail set, adequate thigh, slight sickle, slight cow hocking, adequate bone, good leg, almost hare feet
Movement:  Hocking out, doesn't have a lot of reach but adequate, doesn't have good rear drive
Exceptional Qualities:   Sweet, loving personality
Faults: Conformation
Final Quality: Pet
Temperament: Soft
Projection: Excellent family companion
Tina's Additional Comments: 

Beautiful puppy with an extremely loving personality. Although his "show" faults were very minor, he did have several that, when combined, decreased his chances for future use as a stud. Nevertheless, he will grow into a very impressive representative of our breed. He is highly intelligent, a willing worker, and will be a (true) loyal friend to his new family.



1418a.jpg (24430 bytes)

Blue/ Green Collar Bi-Black Sable Smooth Male

Human Interaction: C/ Smelled path but came slowly
Submission/Dominance:  A/8
Sociability: A
Elevation/forgiveness:  A/ Wagged tail and struggled slightly
Pain Threshold: 5 / Pulled at 4
Retrieve Drive:  B / Grabbed squeaky toy but did not pick up ball
Gun shyness: A
Fighting Drive: A / Saw can, started to go to it then ignored it for the tester, grabbed leash not tug
Maze: B/ 7 seconds, looked over the top of the section once
Head:  Good bite, slightly bitchy head, muzzle a little narrow, dome a little flat, ear set just above the line, nice GSD ears that will be a little on the large side.
Structure: Nice leg, very nice long neck, very slight wither, has ample chest but not wide, very good shoulder lay back, doesn't have much thigh but has nice sickle, very nice top line, nice croup, very slight hook tail, excellent pigment
Movement: Hocking a little, no drive, no reach
Exceptional Qualities:   Flashy color and happy attitude
Faults: Conformation
Final Quality: Pet 
Temperament: Medium
Projection: Good OB, possible SAR prospect

Tina's Additional Comments: 

Very flashy boy! A bit on the small side, with  a "feminine" head, but he makes up for it in attitude! This pup could have been a real show stopper if he was of the opposite sex! Instead he needs to find a home where his many other talents can be nurtured to perfection.


purplecollaredfemale.jpg (64713 bytes)

Purple Collar
 Brown Sable Smooth Female

a/k/a "McKenna"

Human Interaction: B / Took off to investigate
Submission/Dominance:  C/10 (tail slightly tucked)
Sociability: A / not super excited
Elevation/forgiveness:  A / wagged tail, took off to investigate when put down but recalled immediately
Pain Threshold: Pulled back at 4, screamed at 5
Retrieve Drive:  C/ Took the squeaky and started to chew it, ignored the ball and climbed on handler
Gun shyness: A
Fighting Drive: B/Investigated can but showed no interest in the tug
Maze: B/ 4-5 seconds
Head:  Ears just above the line but bigger and heavier more like GSD ears , good bite, good stop, nice broad muzzle and head
Structure: Has lots of bone, very solid, nice wither, nice croup, very nice topline, beautiful length of leg, very strong pasterns, adequate thigh, good sickle, good tail set, higher chest, very nice shoulder lay back, good length of body
Movement: Nice crossover in front, nice rear action
Exceptional Qualities:   Good nose
Faults:  Heavy ears
Final Quality: Breeding
Temperament: Soft

Tina's Additional Comments: 

An exceptional quality smooth coat! This girl should easily go 90-100 pounds, 27 1/2 to 28 inches in height! This girl can certainly make her mark on future generations by passing on good bone, sound hips, her great nose and those dearly loved "Kari" traits to future generations, without fear of cowardice or health problems.  She may also entice others to take a second look a the beauty of the smooth coats when she starts trotting off with a nice collection of ribbons at future shows!


pinkcollaredgirl.jpg (39229 bytes)

Pink  Collar Dark Brown Sable Plush Female 

Human Interaction: B
Submission/Dominance:  A/2 / started to complain on 1 and then fought
Sociability: A/Showed signs of independence, ran off but returned happily
Elevation/forgiveness:  A/Tail tucked, took off upon being put down, but recalled immediately
Pain Threshold: 3
Retrieve Drive:  A/ Excellent
Gun shyness: A
Fighting Drive: B/ Took tug and took off with it
Maze: B/ 6 seconds / Excellent start but lost a bit a the end
Head:  Good bite, full dentition, nice crown, nice muzzle, good stop, will have a well balanced face, ears well above the line, very good small shaped , beautiful ear set.
Structure: Beautiful front, has slight wither, very nice shoulder lay back, nicely proportioned, doesn't have much thigh or good sickle, adequate bone, good leg, good length of body, very nice chest, very nice pigmentation, nice pasterns, good tail set
Movement: Very nice powerful rear drive, nice clean crossover, not seeing reach
Exceptional Qualities:   Excellent show & working prospect, very typey
Faults: Inadequate thigh
Final Quality: Show/breeding
Temperament: Medium Hard

Tina's Additional Comments: 

Although extremely subtle, this girl showed some mild signs of independence that will make her a bit of a challenge to train. Yet she is loaded with potential! She has what it takes to strut her stuff in the show ring as well as OB competition! She could certainly make a lasting contribution to the future expansion of the Shiloh gene pool. 

1419q.jpg (32770 bytes)

Yellow Collar Bi-Black Sable/Reddish Brown Plush Female

Human Interaction:  A 
Submission/Dominance: 5 /Slightly aloof, cried and complained after 2 
Sociability:   Accepted helper but not happy about it
Elevation/forgiveness:   Tail slightly tucked, struggled toward end
Pain Threshold:  2
Retrieve drive: Ran up to the squeaky toy, showed signs of over dependence
Gun shyness: A
Fighting drive:
Maze:  B / 14 seconds / panicked at start and finish
Head:   Nice head, good width of muzzle, good stop, ears well above the line, very nicely shaped triangular ears that were closer to Shiloh look, good bite, full dentition
Structure:  Nicer thigh, very nice sickle, straight front, has wither, nice croup, good length of body, good length of leg, adequate bone, nice pastern
Movement:   Very clean rear action, no front extension, clean coming and going, no side gait
Exceptional Qualities:  Good nose
Faults:  Lack of confidence
Final Quality: Restricted breeding
Temperament: Soft

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This is a very flashy, beautifully structured puppy that could win ribbons where ever she goes, but her temperament fault will limit her value as a future breeder. She is a very needy pup that will demand a lot of attention, and not handle any type of stress well. She will only thrive properly in a loving home that does not place any demands on her performance.


Tina's Comments on the Litter:

This litter made me feel 20 years younger (in spirit if not in body)! As I examined these pups they looked just like so many others in litters I could easily recall from days gone by! Cairo looked and acted exactly like the puppy (SHANE)  I produced two decades ago that is now represented in every Shiloh pedigree. Ajax will grow up to look just like Laz, aside from the sable markings McKenna will grow up to look like the Ria pups I loved so much! All with the same faults and virtues too: the big Ria ears, the narrow Kari head, as well as the balanced "type" of my Laz! These dogs will help me to reset the desired type I started working toward back in the late 80's. Artus has proven himself to be the "magnet" I need to reconstitute our future gene pool.


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