Litter Evaluation Report
of the Coco/Artus Litter

May 1, 1999

Performed by Tina Barber and Lyn Segee
(Breed Warden and ISSR Certified Litter Evaluator)

Download a Sample  Litter Evaluation Report with explanation of the tests


Black Collar Male
Black Plush Coat

blackplushblackcollarmale17b.jpg (7892 bytes) blackcollarmalepullingtug.jpg (13739 bytes) Human Interaction: A
Submission/Dominance: A/4 (started on 3)
Sociability: A
Elevation/forgiveness: A
Pain Threshold: 10
Retrieve Drive: jumped on ball, didn’t pick it up
Gunshyness: A
Fighting Drive: B, played with tug, chewed it
Head: Nice stop, broad head, good bite, good ears
Structure: Ample bone, good front, very slight wither, good length of body, good length of leg, good tail set and good length of tail, good chest, nice top line, ok hocks, nice sickle, ok thighs, very heavy bodied
Movement: nice flashy movement
Exceptional Qualities: Good Show prospect

Tina's Additional Comments: This one reminds me of Taos (his "twin" in the Beauty litter) LOTS of confidence, with a bit of "attitude." I was glad to see that he tested under the 5 in submission. His owner will need to take some lessons on how to outsmart him! He also has enough flash to do well at the shows. Heavy boned blacks like this one are very rare, and therefore always get lots of "extra" attention. Most of all he is a very willing worker who will be a perfect candidate for advanced training!


Red Collar Male
Black Sable Plush Coat

redcollaredblacksablemale.jpg (10263 bytes) redcollaredblacksableplushmale.jpg (11971 bytes) Human Interaction: A (wagged tail)
Submission Dominance: A /4
Sociability: A
Elevation/Forgiveness: A
Pain Threshold: 6
Retrieve Drive: Went to ball
Gunshyness: A
Fighting Drive: Went to tug, took it and went off with it but didn’t try to kill it
Head: Nice stop, nice head, ears slightly on large size but nice and triangular, ear set on the line, good bite
Structure: borderline low stationed, adequate length, no wither, broader chest, tail set ok, tail length ok, adequate thigh, hock s ok, ample bone
Movement: Clean
Temperament: Medium
Tina's Additional Comments: This boy has a "look at me" face! He was willing to try everything that we put to him, a good sign of intelligence! None of the pups had ever seen a ball before, some walked up to sniff, some tried to pick it up, but he just proceded to "analyze" it....very interesting! He is beautiful to look at, and perfectly balanced in temperament, making him "just right" for a perfect family companion! With his sweet-gentle disposition he is also well suited for therapy-type work.


Red Collar Male
Black Smooth Coat

redcollaredsmoothblackmalestack.jpg (13078 bytes) redcollaredblacksmoothmale2.jpg (9771 bytes) Human Interaction: A
Submission/Dominance: A/4
Sociability: A
Elevation/Forgiveness: A
Pain Threshold: 3
Fighting Drive: A Not interested in tug
Retrieve Drive: Investigated ball but did not pick it up
Gunshyness: A (stopped and looked, did not startle)
Head: Nice stop, good ear set, nice size ears, good bite
Structure: Nice leg, big bone, chest a little on high side, nice front, slight wither, good body length, very nice top line, good croup, good tail set, adequate thigh
Movement; Nice and clean
Exceptional Qualities: Heavy bone, very solid, big
Temperament: Medium Soft
Projection: Breeding and Show potential
Tina's additional comments: This pup has a lot of "spark" and "flash" both in structure and temperament! As a smooth, he is one of the nicest show prospects I have seen in a lng time! A "Black Jack" with more size, and certainly a broader head! YES! I see him turning a lot of heads where ever he goes! Not only will he be a perfect ambassador for the smooth coat variety: his genetic virtues will help to maintain needed qualities (confidence, heavy bone, huge size, right pigment, etc.) within this breed.

Dark Blue Collar Male
Black Smooth Coat

darkbluecollarblacksmoothmale.jpg (9289 bytes) darkbluecollaredsmoothblackmalestanding.jpg (10931 bytes) Human Interaction: A
Submission/Dominance: A/10
Sociability: A
Elevation/forgiveness: A
Pain Threshold: 10
Retrieve Drive: Not interested in ball
Gunshyness: A
Fighting Drive, A, not interested in tug
Head: good bite, nice high ear set, nicely shaped ears, slight stop, broad head
Structure: high chest, good bone, nice leg, nice length of body, slight (very slight) wither, nice front, slightly splayed toes, nice tail and tail set, good croup, hocking in rear, narrow thigh
Movement: nice clean movement
Exceptional Qualities: super sociable
Faults: slight hocking, small
Temperament: Soft
Tina's Additional Comments: Even though he has a high pain tolerance, this puppy is still rated as soft due to his submission. He is extremely loving, and will make an excellant pet for someone with lots of children. They will be able to run into him, knocking him over, etc., and they can be assured of receiving lots of "kisses" in return! This guy will need minimal amount of grooming, great for a busy household. His ears will be up (without taping/glueing, etc.) quickly, and with his broad head he will also be a traffic stopper!



Purple Collar Female
Black Plush Coat

purplecollarblackplushfemale.jpg (11311 bytes) purplecollarblackplushfemalewithtug.jpg (15968 bytes) Human Interaction: C / tail did wag (did eventually come)
Submission/Dominance: A (very playful) / 10
Sociability: A
Elevation/forgiveness: A
Pain Threshold: started to struggle on 5, finished on 6
Retrieve drive: went to ball, picked it up and carried it around
Gunshyness: A
Fighting drive: not interested in can, took tug and carried it around
Head: ear set borderline, ears slightly on large size but well shaped, adequate stop, good bite, broad head
Structure: chest a little on high side but broad, no wither, nice length of body, nice croup, good tail set, good stifle, good tail length, hocks ok, adequate bone, well balanced, nice looking bitch
Movement: slightly hooks tail (only when moving), good drive, not much reach
Temperament: Soft
Tina's Additional Comments: The perfect family/show dog! This one is a "twin" to Val (Beauty's litter) with bone and structure to die for. She loves to play, and has a high pain tolerance, making her the right choice for a family with lots of children! Her flashy looks will catch bypassers' attention where ever she goes! With some gentle "teaching" she will become the kind of obedient companion that this breed is so well known for! The total dog, as the Shiloh Shepherd was meant to be!


Blue Collar Female
Black Sable Plush Coat

bluecollarblacksablefemale.jpg (10412 bytes) bluecollarblacksablefemalewithball.jpg (11189 bytes) Human Interaction: A
Submission/dominance: A/2
Sociability: B
Elevation/Forgiveness: B (struggled at first, didn’t forgive at first, but then did.
Pain Threshold: 4
Retrieve Drive: Nosed ball, picked it up and walked with it
Gunshyness: A
Fighting Drive: Ignored can, showed some interest in tug, but not a lot
Head: Nice stop, nice broad head, ears above the line, size a little big but nicely shaped, good bite
Structure: More bone than some of the other females (nice for bitch), nice broad chest, very slight wither, nice top line, nice broad rear, good leg, nice croup, tail fine, more stifle, nice front, nice thigh, nice hocks, very pleasing to look at
Movement: Nice movement, flashy, nice reach
Temperament:  Medium Soft
Tina's additional comments: This girl is just oozing with SHOW potential! She is a HUGE knockout, with all the right stuff in the right places, and does she ever like to "strut-her-stuff"! Between her unique color markings and phenomenal structure, she is going to be hard to resist. Even though she could be a bit "stubborn" she is going to be very easy to train! She was almost "heeling" with the testing! Her sweet-confident disposition makes her a perfect choice for an excellent companion.


Pink Collar Female
Black Smooth Coat

pinkcollarblacksmoothfemale.jpg (9165 bytes) pinkcollarblacksmoothfemale1.jpg (13914 bytes) Human Interaction: B, walked away first, then followed
Submission/Dominance: A/3
Sociability: A but slightly independent and nose activated
Elevation/Forgiveness: A
Pain Threshold: 10
Retrieve Drive: Not interested
Gunshyness: A
Fighting Drive, didn’t like can, not interested in tug
Head: Acceptable stop, slightly low set but strong ears, a smidgen tall ears, good bite, broad head
Structure: Nice chest, wither, nice topline, nice body length, nice front, good leg, good croup, thigh adequate, sickle ok, good hock, good tail set
Movement: Very nice, long reach, clean movement
Tempermanet: Medium soft
Tina's additional comments: The only pup I was a little disappointed in, she was my hari-kari girl that I expected would be a great Sch. prospect. Although she has a super personality, she is lacking the drive needed for a great competition dog. Her pain tolerance is perfect, but she is too sweet, loving and submissive to be a "fighter". She will make a great obedience/companion, as well as a very good show prospect. She is BIG and very flashy! Her nose is outstanding, and she would do great in narcotics detection, etc.


Mauve Collar Female
Black Plush Coat

mauvecollarblackplushfemalea.jpg (7125 bytes) Mauvecollarplushcoatblackfemalebywater.jpg (19630 bytes) Human Interaction: A
Submission/Dominance: A/2
Sociability: A
Elevation/Forgiveness: A, forgave immediately
Pain Threshold: 3
Retrieve Drive: Went up to ball, nosed it but didn’t pick it up
Gunshyness: A, noted the sound but wasn’t scared
Fighting Drive: Investigated can and tug
Head: Good bite, inadequate stop, good ears, high ear set, nicely shaped ears, broad head
Structure: Broad but shallow chest, very slight wither, good front, good body length, more sickle, adequate bone, good tail length and set, nice hocks, ok thigh, well balanced
Movement: Flashy front reach, very flashy movement (pizzazz)
Temperament: Soft
Tina's Additional Comments: This girl is a sweetheart! She is confident, but very easy going. No worry about her "checking out" everything on earth, she would rather be with her family! She will also be a very (obedient) willing worker! The perfect "child" companion! All you have to do is show her what you want, and she will put her heart into making you happy! She also has some show potential to due her very flashy movement! Once she gets your attention, her personality will steal your heart!

Green Collar Female
Brown Sable Smooth Coat

greencollarbrownsablefemale.jpg (8613 bytes) greencollarbrownsablefemalebywater.jpg (19925 bytes) Human Interaction: A
Submission/Dominance: A/4, very friendly and playful
Sociability: A
Elevation/Forgiveness: A, very forgiving
Pain Threshold: 3
Retrieve drive: went to ball
Gunshyness: A, looked but not afraid
Fighting Drive: Not interested in can but took tug and ran off with it
Head: Inadequate stop, nice ear set, good bite, good ears, nice extremely strong ear set, nice head
Structure: nice leg, nice length of body, high chest, very slight wither, very nice topline, good tail set, good tail length, good croup, ok thigh, no hocking, well balanced, adequate bone
Movement: nice reach, ok in front
Temperament: Medium soft
Tina's additional comments: This is one of the nicest structured smooth coated sable bitches I have seen so far! She is very well balanced, and will look almost identical to her dam, with an ever better working temperament! She is extremely playful, and shows a good aptitude for all kinds of long as it's fun! Agility would probably be her forte! This girl will be very easy to train with lots of positive re-enforcement. She does have a little bit of an "independent" streak, and could even do some S&R work.

Teal Collar Female
Black Plush Coat

tealcollarblackplushfemale5199k.jpg (6367 bytes) tealcollarblackplushfemale1.jpg (15066 bytes) Human Interaction: A
Submission/Dominance: A/5
Sociability: A, very sociable
Elevation/Forgiveness: A, very confident and forgiving
Pain Threshold: 10
Retrieve Drive: Preferred to chew sneakers
Gunshyness: A
Fighting Drive: A, took tug and took off with it and shook it
Head: Good bite, ok ear set, good ears, stop not as pronounced, slightly bitchy head but broad
Structure: High chest, no wither, excellent pasterns, good tail length, a little high in hock, average bone
Movement: Very nice movement, nice reaching, clean rear drive
Exceptional Qualities: Fantastic temperament
Faults: Inadequate stop, a bit smaller
Temperament: Medium Hard
Tina's additional comments: Even though she is smaller than her sisters, this girl would by my choice for the PERFECT worker! She has a lot of potential for S&R , agility, Schutzhund, you name it! During the test she heard the water rushing out of a sump pump on the side of the house....immediately she paused and headed stright for it. Just for fun I wanted to see what she would do when it GUSHED out quickly. She walked up and drank! This started a new phase called THE "WATER TEST" for the other puppies.

Check back later this week for the WATER Test results and pictures!

We are pleased to announce that entire second Artus litter has or will be shipped to their new homes shortly. The boys will be residing in Texas, Long Island, Alabama and New Jersey. The girls will be in California, Illinois, New York, Florida and Ohio. Be watching for their updates as they mature into beautiful Shilohs!




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