Highlife Kennel and Trillium Hill Kennel are
pleased to present the Litter Evaluation Report
of the Shelby/Artus Litter!

Litter Evaluation Report

November 26-27, 1999

Performed by Tina Barber and Karen Ursel
(Breed Warden and ISSR Certified Litter Evaluator)
Download a Sample  Litter Evaluation Report with explanation of the tests


P0000639a.jpg (25529 bytes) P0000620a.jpg (27790 bytes)

Blue Collar
Black/Tan Plush Coat

Weight: 27 pounds

Human Interaction:  Stayed and looked around until called then came pretty quickly
Submission/Dominance A/10  (talked through the whole thing)
Sociability:  A (slightly independent)
Elevation/forgiveness:  A (good forgiveness)
Pain Threshold: 4
Retrieve Drive: Carried ball around and gave it to Tina
Gun shyness: B
Fighting Drive Not interested in can or tug
Maze:  B (perfect)
Head:  Good bite, extremely broad head, ears nicely shaped and slightly above line, excellent stop, nice broad muzzle
Structure:  Extremely broad chest, neck a little short, not a lot of wither, extremely large boned, a smidgeon short coupled, extremely broad body, nice tail set,  nice stifle, well formed, muscled thigh, nice sickle hocks, tendency toward weak pastern, adequate leg but could use a little more.
Movement: Good reach, nice and clean
Temperament: Medium/soft
Exceptional Qualities: Heavy boned, yet well balanced. Outstanding temperament...willing to work, yet very social

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This puppy was the biggest, yet very well balanced, with a beautiful head! If he continues to grow at the rate he started out with, he could easily be among the biggest (and certainly broadest) Shilohs produced this year! Even though he may not be shown much, he will definitely stop traffic wherever he goes!


P0000669a.jpg (29738 bytes) P0000678a.jpg (38755 bytes) "Scooby"
Pink Collar
Black/Tan Plush

Weight: 25 pounds
Human Interaction: A
Submission Dominance A /10 (No noise, 100% submissive)
Sociability: A (lifted paw to shake hands)
Elevation/Forgiveness:  A
Pain Threshold:  3
Retrieve Drive: Sniffed at ball
Gun shyness:  B
Fighting Drive:  Not interested in tug, didn't like the can
Maze:  B
Head:  Big broad head, nice ear set (right on line), good stop, good bite
Structure: Really high chest, nice wither, decent leg, nice top line, nice sickle, a little easty/westy, chest not as wide, nice wide rear, not as much thigh, good  hock
Movement Super mover, really nice front reach
Temperament:  Soft
Exceptional Qualities Fantastic structure with movement to die for!
Tina's Additional Comments: 

This boy has such beautiful pigmentation, and with such a sweet, gentle disposition that you can't help but fall in love with him! He is going to be huge, yet with the potential to go all the way up to GV, his sidegait and front reach just thrilled my soul! With his loving nature he is also well suited for therapy work. Truly a Gentle Giant that will stop traffic wherever he goes!


P0000628a.jpg (34227 bytes) P0000637a.jpg (29553 bytes) "Space Ghost"

White Collar
Black/Tan Plush
Weight: 25 pounds
Human Interaction: Came when called and then licked helper but didn't come until called, very clingy
Submission/Dominance:  A/3
Sociability: A
Elevation/Forgiveness:  A (talked), very forgiving
Pain Threshold:  started fighting at 3, screamed at 5
Fighting Drive:  A Not interested in can or tug
Retrieve Drive:  Investigated ball but did not pick it up
Gun shyness: B
Maze: Immediately went over the side
Head:  Nice ear set, ears a little smaller--just on the line but above, really broad muzzle, beautiful stop, nice bite, beautiful broad head
Structure:  Extremely wide chest, good bone but not extreme, strong pasterns, nice thick thigh, nice sickle hocks but not extreme, extra wide rear, nice tail set, smidgen cow hocked, adequate leg, short neck, border line short coupled but nice width of body
Movement: Very nice crossover but no reach, clean coming and going
Exceptional Qualities:  Extremely heavy bone
Temperament:   Medium-soft

Tina's additional comments: 

This boy was certainly the loudest "talker" portraying a highly intelligent, but slightly mischievous personality. Exactly what I needed! I expect great things from this boy, in conformation as well as obedience, etc. He has that "extra special" sparkle that seems to just draw attention.  He will closely resemble his grandsire GV bCh. Shiloh's Captain Caliber Baker. 


P0000621a.jpg (29387 bytes) shaggy.jpg (28742 bytes) "Shaggy"

Green Collar
Black/Tan Plush

Weight: 26 pounds
Human Interaction: A
Submission/Dominance:  A/10 (no noise)
Sociability: A
Elevation/forgiveness:  A
Pain Threshold: 3
Retrieve Drive:  Went for the ball on the first try, then not interested
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting Drive: A, not interested in can, but it didn't scare him, liked the leaves better than the tug
Maze: B/Perfect
Head:  Beautiful head, nicest dome, beautiful stop, ears a little smaller than some, extremely broad head, good bite
Structure: Has leg, chest just a smidgen high, nice wither, nice croup, nice length of body, adequate thigh but not extreme, excellent bone
Movement: Clean but without much reach
Exceptional Qualities:   Heavy boned yet well balanced
Temperament: Soft
Tina's Additional Comments: 

This puppy broke my heart! He had all the qualities I was looking for! The perfect Show Stopper - Companion! His only fault was that of the undescended testicles, but I was assured by his new owner that he would  be used at stud if they drop & he turns out as awesome as I expect him too! With that outstanding body & personality, he will certainly be an excellent ambassador for our breed!


P0000610a.jpg (43181 bytes) P0000661a.jpg (38751 bytes) "Daphne"

Blue Collar
Black/Tan Plush

Weight: 22 pounds
Human Interaction:  C / took a few minutes then came, very curious about surroundings
Submission/Dominance: A  / 4
Elevation/forgiveness:  A
Pain Threshold:  4 
Retrieve drive:  looked at ball, didn't take it
Gun shyness: A
Fighting drive:
Maze:  Took a long time but did go through--really wanted to go over the side
Head:  Ears just up over the line, perfectly shaped and strong, good bite, good stop
Structure:  Nice broad chest (but higher), narrower in front, borderline easty/westy, very well balanced, not as much bone, better wither, nice length of body, nice hocks, nice croup, nice tail set, good firm pasterns, not as much thigh
Movement:  clean crossover, no front reach
Temperament:   Medium
Exceptional Qualities Outstanding "attitude"

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This girl had that "special sparkle" that just says, look at me! Although she did not have as nice a side gait as some of her littermates, her personality just stole my heart! If she had only been a male! She also had the nicest (not overly long/thick) coat of the entire litter.


P0000612a.jpg (29996 bytes) P0000668a.jpg (39901 bytes) "Scrappy"

Green Collar
Black/tan plush

Weight: 20 pounds
Human Interaction:  A (very sociable)
Submission/dominance:  A/10
Sociability: A
Elevation/Forgiveness:  A (forgave immediately)
Pain Threshold:  3
Retrieve Drive:  Just looked at ball
Gun shyness: A--stopped, looked and then went to the noise
Fighting Drive:  Interested in the humans rather than the can and tug
Maze:  B (Perfect)
Head:  Nice ear set, nice small ears, big head, great stop, phenomenal head
Structure:  High chest, nice leg, really nice stifle, nice thick rear, nice tail set, nice pasterns, nice top line, neck and wither
Movement: Nice and clean, but no reach
Temperament:    Soft
Exceptional Qualities Sweet loving disposition

Tina's additional comments: 

Another "talker" with a little extra sparkle, but sweet gentle personality. This girl is a real beauty! She will certainly mature to look just like her GV abCh. dam! Another traffic stopper who will prove to be an excellent ambassador for the entire breed!

Visit Shelby2's one year update!

P0000614a.jpg (34489 bytes) P0000644a.jpg (24842 bytes) "Velma"

Pink Collar
Black/Tan Plush

Weight: 23 pounds

Human Interaction:  B, hesitated then followed, followed closely the second time
Submission/Dominance: A/6
Sociability: A but slightly independent and nose activated
Elevation/Forgiveness:  A
Pain Threshold:  started to make noise at 3, screamed at 4
Retrieve Drive:  went to ball but didn't pick it up
Gun shyness:  a little insecurity
Fighting Drive:  not interested in tug
Maze: Over the side and cried
Head:  Not as nice a head, ears just a smidgen bigger but not below line, nice stop, good bite, excellent pigment
Structure: Nice legs, nice pigment, adequate chest but a little narrow, a little easty/westy, chest a little high, nice neck and wither, nice top line, extra nice length of body, nice thigh, nice broad rear, nice structure
 Movement:  beautiful front reach
Temperament:   Medium/Soft
Exceptional Qualities Outstanding Movement

Tina's additional comments: 

Very "flashy" show prospect, but just a little insecure. Very much a people pleaser, that just thrives on attention! Excellent potential for future therapy dog. Even though she showed very slight signs of independence, she should be encouraged to participate in activities she enjoys.


Tina's Final Comments on the Litter:

This was one of the most consistent litters I have evaluated in a long time, without wide ranges in temperament or type! All of the puppies were extremely large! Temperaments ranged between soft and med-soft, with each showing some "extra" signs of exceptional intelligence, even the two "bulldozers" that chose to "go over the wall" instead of through the maze! Neither displayed an attitude of "I am trapped and can't figure out what to do" instead, they seemed to say "I don't have time for these silly tests, there are too many interesting things happening in the front yard!"

The overall structure and movement was impressive, these puppies will definitely improve size, temperaments and add broader heads to many of the Shiloh lines!! Their contribution to the future betterment of our breed should certainly be utilized!

For more pictures of these outstanding puppies, please visit their slide show:.



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