The Litter of the Millenium



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GV 3xNS Multi-bi Ch. Williamette
Siskiyou's Chaos
Photo used with permission of Siskiyou Shepherds

Silver Sable Adam and  Golden 
Sable Meg at 8 Weeks of Age

 3x NS Multi-bi Ch Williamette
 Valley Santiam

Photo used with permission of Siskiyou Shepherds

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June 2000
30" Chaos and 30" Raven

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GV Ch. Captain's Caliber Baker, ROM

NS abCh. Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion (OFA Excellent)

ChaosRiot.jpg (39801 bytes) Raven

CH. Chaos and CH Riot
OFA Excellent
Photo courtesy of Siskiyou Shepherds

Siskiyou and his sons Chaos and Riot

Photo courtesy of Siskiyou Shepherds

bCH Ptd. Raven
PennHip 0.21

* Siskiyou, Chaos and Riot's hips were personally rated by Dr. Slocum. Chaos and Riot achieved PennHip Excellent at  65 months.

These pups have a  royal pedigree that consists of

  • 4 Grand Victors
    • GV CH Bionic Black Smoke of Zion, OFA Good (Shep)
    • GV CH Shiloh's Captain-Caliber Baker (Captain)
    • GV CH Shiloh Lisa's Smoke-N-Megan (Megan)
    • GV bCH Willamette's Siskiyou Chaos (Chaos)
  • 3 National Selects
    • NS bCH Shiloh's Grand Elizzabeth (Lizzie)
    • NS bCH Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion (Laz)
    • NS bCH Willamette's Siskiyou's Chaos (Chaos)
  • Champions / Champion Pointed
    • bCH Morris Good Morning Mona (Mona)
    • bCH Shiloh-Kari's Steel Saber (Saber)
    • bCH Ptd. Shiloh's Easy Rider (Shane)
    • bCH Ptd. Zion's Raven out of the Mist (Raven)
  • International Youth Sieger
    •  Siskiyou  (first ever!)
  • a total of 10  Champions
  • Total of 9 Register of Merit (Producers of Champions)
    • Captain
    • Siskiyou 
    • Shep
    • Laz
    • Mona
    • Shiloh's Wolfin Sasquach, ROM (Sasq)
    • K-Sura's Mistie Weather v Zion, ROM  (Mistie)
    • Shiloh's Matoaka Pocahontas, ROM (Poca) 
    • Shiloh-Guardian Still Smok'N, ROM (Smoke)

For more information, please contact Tina Barber (breed founder) today!!

These pups look a lot like their beautiful ancestors from the Kari/Ursa/Ria/Sabrina/MAW lines....Yes, they are all  there, and blended "just right" by the master (Shiloh Shepherd) breed founder, herself!

We would like to share some pictures of dogs related to these pups.

The Best of the Preceding Generations of Shiloh Shepherds Mixed into One!

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Parents of Shiloh's Easy Rider 
Laz Siskiyou
courtesy of Siskiyou Shepherds
Taz, brother of Raven

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courtesy of Siskiyou Shepherds

courtesy of Siskiyou Shepherds



Tina's Boys
Bionic Black Smoke of Zion and Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion

Introducing The New Generation 

Blue Collar Male Adam at Little Round Top


Adam at 16 months

Adam at 3 years

Orange Collared Female


Meg at 10 months

Meg at 3 years

Black and Cream Smooth Coat Sirius and Uncle Riot at the Canby Show


Sirius at 12 Months 
with Uncle Riot
courtesy of Siskiyou Shepherds

Yellow Collared Female Lily Quenches Her Thirst


Lily at 20 months
courtesy of Jacki Wilde

Green Collared Male Snow Anyone?

River at 20 months
courtesy of Siskiyou Shepherds

bChPtd. Adam and bChPtd Meg
at 3 years
Homecoming 2003


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