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GV bCH Pinewood Lil-Shelby of Zion

GV bCH Trillium's D'Shelby v Highlife

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This beautiful Artus daughter  has grown up to look just like her dam GV bCH Pinewood Lil-Shelby of Zion. She even has that wonderful fantastic personality that stole Bobby's heart while she was visiting with us last summer! Shelby is an easy going, confident "queen" that has a true heart of gold! Not willing to tolerate anyone even being slightly upset, she has the perfect cure for the problem! Ma Shelby will just keeping dropping her ball into your lap until you give up and play with her! Shelby2 seems to have inherited her wonderful therapeutic qualities. Shelby2 has just had her first litter in December 2003!

Rest in peace, Shelby2.  We miss you!

3xNS bCH Ursel's Black Beauty of Zion, CGC

Rest in Peace, our beloved Beauty!

The girl that started it all!! We were only looking for a nice "pet" that we could have fun showing and training. Instead, this magnificent lady has taken us down such an exciting road, changing all of our lives forever. After making a splash at the 1997 Homecoming, Beauty was one of the National Selects for 1998, 1999 and 2000!! She is 27 inches in height, weighs 104 pounds, has a deep chest and awesome movement. She is the grand-daughter of Shep, daughter of Ch. Ptd. Longobardi's Domino of Zion, CGC and JNK Smoke'n Black-Bear of Zion ROM. Be sure to view her first litter with Artus! She has passed on her beautiful movement to her son, Noah Promise of Trillium, who took Winners Dog at 6 months! Beauty retired in 2001 and now  presides over our household and the rest of our canine family! At the ripe "old age" of 74 months she passed her OFA heart certification exam with flying colors.

Casi at 5 months


Casi  is the daughter of NS bCH Stoney and bCh. Ptd. Indigo (Laz/Dawn and sister of our Katie). Casi was Tina's top show quality pick of this excellent litter and we are expecting great things of her in the future.

Trillium-Zion Casi d'Danica 



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