Introducing our 3rd generation of Shilohs!


After being heavily involved with this breed since February 1997, finishing a 3x NS and a G.V., attending all of Tina's STM seminars in Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and Canada, and participating in the 1997, 1998 and 2001 NESSA drill teams, I knew exactly what I was looking for.  My ultimate future stud had to look like Adam with the movement of his sister Meg, yet still have a bit of the Artus spark, with a lot of  the Kari super intelligence. Panzer seems to have it all!  This boy has a loaded N.S./G.V. pedigree and carries Artus in the 4th generation and Orbit in the 3rd.  He is related to many other top dogs including: G.V. Shelby, G.V. Timber, G.V. Shelby2,  G.V. Penny, G.V. Bionic Black Smoke of Zion (Shep),  N.S. Angus, N.S. Laz, G.V. Chaos, G.V. Captain, Ch Meg, N.S. Foxy, Goldie,...the list goes on and on.

July 4th, 9 weeks

July 10th, just short of 10 weeks

2006 Update

Panzer was the ISSR's top plush puppy dog for the year 2005-6 and is now adult champion pointed.  At Homecoming 2006 he passed his temperament test with a perfect score and is heart and hip certified (PennHip). Panzer has participated at pet expos's in Hartford, CT and the events surrounding the release of The Shiloh Shepherd Story.

Hey Guys, Follow Me!
Panzer, Mia and Roscoe, July 10th


Mia [aka Fluffernutter and Mrs. P(anzer)] is out of the second Suna/Mygic litter.  The first Suna/Mygic litter produced Jr. Champion Danny of Tina's "full circle" fame.  Mygic, from Highlander Shepherds, is a Goldie/Grizz son, and provides huge size and very stable temperaments. Mia too has a golden pedigree: G.V. Grizz, N.S. Pax, and N.S. Laz just to name a few. Mia was named by Tina due to her resemblance to Don Baker's Mia Martini Rall. 

She is the first puppy I've ever seen (in 8 years of participating in and observing scores of LER's across the US and Canada) who went through the maze without even being called.  Later she decided to do it in reverse.  Her super intelligence amazes us daily!   

Mia "hiding" after her LER

Aren't I Pretty?

2006 Update

Mia is one of our largest girls.  She is a spit fire, who is quickly earning her place as alpha bitch in our pack! We will be doing her hips early next year and are looking forward to the contribution she will hopefully be making to the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd gene pool. 


2007 Update

View Mia and Panzer's Snow Day! Mia likes nothing better than beating up on Panzer-especially in the middle of a snowstorm!


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