Trillium Hill Shilohs is proud to present:
the Katie/Artus Litter!



Litter Evaluation Report

December 2,  2000

Performed by Tina and Lisa Barber
(Breed Warden and Breed Warden-in-Training)
Download a Sample  Litter Evaluation Report with explanation of the tests




Green Collar  

Plush  Male

Human Interaction:  B / Investigated and showed a touch of independence 
Submission/Dominance A/8 
Sociability:  A  
Elevation/forgiveness:  A  / Tail wagging all the while. Forgave and licked (then bit) the tester's nose.
Pain Threshold: 3 / started crying at 2
Retrieve Drive: A / Picked up  ball and walked toward tester 
Gun shyness: A--went up to investigate the noise 
Fighting Drive C / Can was bounced off puppy by the tester. He went to investigate it. Played with tug.
Head:  Nice broad muzzle, ears just above the line, ears very nicely shaped and triangular.  Good bite, goot stop.
Structure:  Good substance, nice stifle but slightly hocking, nice strong pasterns, good shoulder lay back, but no wither, borderline short-coupled, good leg, good chest, good tail set, good length of tail, very nice bone. 
Movement:  not tested
Exceptional Qualities: a true Captain clone
Faults: slightly short coupled
Final Quality: Exceptional pet, possibly upgradeable on a controlled basis due to slight show fault
Temperament: Medium-soft

Tina's Additional Comments: 

I loved this pup. He has the ideal temperament with excellent visual appeal!



Blue Collar Collar Male
Bi-Black/Tan Plush


Human Interaction: B / Looked around before coming
Submission Dominance A / 10  (complained slightly at 7)
Elevation/Forgiveness:  A / wagged tail  
Pain Threshold:  3 / pulled at 2
Retrieve Drive: B / followed ball and investigated, returned to tester
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting Drive:  A / not interested in tug
Maze:  Went through the maze after the test had been completed!
Head:  Good stop, nicely domed head, could use more width in muzzle, ear set below the line, good bite
Structure: Very stocky, very nice leg, good wither, slight croup, very good tail set, nice neck, good bone, nice stifle, nice sickle hocks, adequate chest, slightly straight shoulder lay back, perfect length of body. 
Exceptional Qualities  Huge bone!
Faults:  Ears are low set and heavy
Final Quality:  Great pet!
Temperament:  Medium soft
Projection: Could be possible show stopper if ears come up!
 Tina's Additional Comments:

Nice pup--very laid back couch potato but exceptionally loving!

Yellow Collar Male

Dark Black/Cream Plush

Human Interaction: A / kissed tester's eye and licked nose
Submission Dominance A /10 
Elevation/Forgiveness:  A, tail did not wag when elevated, came back and kissed tester
Pain Threshold:  2 / pulled at 1, screamed at 2
Retrieve Drive: Circled ball, barked it and killed it before he grabbed it.
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting Drive:  Investigated can to make sure it was dead, played with tug. Good prey drive.
Maze:  B
Head:  Ears just above line, small, well shaped and triangular ears, narrow head, good bite, inadequate stop
Structure: Very fine boned, adequate stifle, slight hocking, no wither, extremely narrow chest, nice tail set, decent leg, adequate length of body. 
Exceptional Qualities  scenting ability
Faults:  small bone
Final Quality: Very nice pet
Temperament:  Soft
Projection: Excellent working prospect!

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This is a pup that can do it all, agility, SAR, you name it .. just give him a job!




Pink Collar
 Light bi-Black/Tan Plush Female


Human Interaction: A . went to tester, wagged tail and left to investigate
Submission/Dominance:  A/10 
Elevation/forgiveness:  A / tail wagged all the time. Very sociable but showed slight independence
Pain Threshold: Went to 12.  Tina hurt herself and had to quit!
Retrieve Drive:  Ran up to ball, sniffed it and returned
Gun shyness: A
Fighting Drive: No interest in can, sniffed tug 
Maze: B
Head:  Very good stop, good muzzle, ears well shaped (GSD) and on the line, nice domed head, good bite
Structure: Nice wither, very nice croup, nice thick stifle, nice sickle hocks, nice hocks, chest a little high, nice neck, good bone, good leg, good length of body, very nice top line, good tail set, good length of tail
Exceptional Qualities:    Awesome head
Faults:  Could be a bit harder to train
Final Quality:  Possible show quality
Temperament:  medium-soft
Projection:  Will need a firm handler

Tina's Additional Comments: 

Very nice bitch, I would have like to see a slightly lower pain tolerance & slightly smaller ears so I could RAVE about her! 


Green  Collar Dark  Black/Tan Plush Female 

Human Interaction: B / followed part way and then stopped to investigate--social but independent
Submission/Dominance:  A/6 
Sociability: A/Showed signs of independence but licked and kissed when did come
Elevation/forgiveness:  A / wagged tail really hard, forgave immediately and kissed tester
Pain Threshold: 5 / started to struggle at 2
Retrieve Drive:  Ran up to ball and tried to attack it
Gun shyness: B
Fighting Drive: Investigated can and tug--played with tug
Maze: didn't even think about how to get out
Head:  Nice well shaped triangular (slightly large) ears, ear set just above the line, nice broad muzzle, good stop, good bite
Structure: Nice leg, excellent pasterns, has wither, high chest, good length of body, adequate stifle and good sickle, good bone, nice top line, nice croup, nice tail set
Exceptional Qualities:    
Faults:  a bit too independent
Final Quality:  the total "bitch"
Temperament:   Medium
Projection:  Good OB, possible Sch

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This girl is definitely MY pick! She has it all, including that - I love to "challenge" attitude ;-) 

Red Collar Bi-Black/Cream
 Plush Female

Human Interaction: C / ran past the tester, had to be sweet talked to come, independent 
Submission/Dominance: A / 14 
Sociability:   A
Elevation/forgiveness:   A/ forgave and then attacked the puppy food bag
Pain Threshold:  10
Retrieve drive: checked out ball but didn't pick it up
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting drive: investigated can, not interested in tug
Maze:  Went through the maze....s..l..o..w..l..y
Head:  Good bite, broad muzzle, nice head, ears on line, GSD ears
Structure:  Good substance, croup just slightly steep, no wither, nice chest, excellent pasterns, more stifle, high, slightly high hocked, excellent tail set, good length of leg, adequate bone, good length of body
Exceptional Qualities: Tina liked her head and pasterns
Faults:  Needs wither
Final Quality:  show/breeding
Temperament: Medium 
Projection:  Flashy show prospect

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This is a beautiful girl! She will certainly make her presence known every where she goes!

Yellow Collared Female

Bi-Black/Tan Plush

Human Interaction:  A / good nose
Submission/Dominance: A / 10
Sociability:   A
Elevation/forgiveness:   A
Pain Threshold:  Started to struggle at 2 but went to 5
Retrieve drive: followed ball, investigated it but not too interested
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting drive: Tester hit puppy with can, puppy not concerned about it, not interested in tug
Maze:  Tried going over the side but went through
Head:  Narrow muzzle, good stop, ears on line, GSD-shaped ears, good bite
Structure:  Good wither, good top line, good croup, finer bone, nice leg, narrow chest, nice sickle hocks, not as much stifle, very dark pigment
Exceptional Qualities:  Very sweet, easy going attitude
Faults:  Narrow head
Final Quality: has some potential
Temperament: Medium-soft
Projection:  Upgradeable pet

Tina's additional comments:

She is a very nice pup, but that narrow muzzle offsets all of her other "show" features. She will make a wonderful pet, OB prospect, etc.

Tina's Comments on the Litter:

Overall I was very pleased with the temperaments, albeit surprised at some of the extremely high pain tolerances I was finding! All the pups showed lots of confidence, were great with the gun test, one actually looked up at me as if to say FOOD? (I was using two large stainless steel feeding dishes, to bang over their heads)

My only disappointment came in the ears, I would have liked to see a few of them much smaller, and set a bit higher ... but I WAS extremely happy with the exceptionally STRONG (perfect) pasterns on several of these pups!! 

We were unable to test movement due to the extreme weather conditions (temperatures in the teens!)



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