NewZion Shilohs is pleased
 to present the Litter Evaluation Report
of the Dawn/Zorro (NB-2) Litter!

Litter Evaluation Report

November 11,  2000

Performed by Lyn Segee and Karen Ursel
(ISSR Certified Litter  Evaluators)
Download a Sample  Litter Evaluation Report with explanation of the tests




Blue Collar Dark Black/Tan

Plush  Male
a/k/a "Jo Jo"

Human Interaction:  A  
Submission/Dominance A/6 / Started at 3 and wouldn't stay down after 6 
Sociability:  A  
Elevation/forgiveness:  A  
Pain Threshold:  10 but started pulling at 7 --actually went to count of 12 without crying out
Retrieve Drive: C / Picked up  ball and took off 
Gun shyness: A
Fighting Drive C / Ran to can and attacked it
Head:  Broad muzzle, good stop, nice Shiloh ears, ear set above the line, good bite, faded muzzle
Structure:  A little easty-westy, nice top line, has wither, good croup, good tail set, adequate length of tail, nice bone, broad chest, good length of body, nice length of leg, chest high, nice thighs, slight hocking in rear, nice sickle hock
Movement: Clean movement
Exceptional Qualities: Heavy bone -- well balanced
Faults: Ears slightly large
Final Quality: Breeding
Temperament: Medium Hard
Projection: Excellent Obedience, great working prospect 

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This boy has personality PLUS!!  He is also a real talker, with an extremely strong desire to communicate his emotions at all times.  His new owner will have to focus on providing him with a variety of stimulating tasks, to prevent boredom - resulting in mischief ;(
Structurally he is a perfect Apache Joe- Captain clone!  He has Joe's personality & structure, with Captains markings & size!  As if someone morphed those two dogs to create this special boy!!
Is he perfect? No, I would like to see just a "tad" more reach in his movement, and I would make his ears just a "tad" smaller (more like his brother's) and I would darken his muzzle, just a "tad" and then he would certainly be a perfect representative of our breed ... Nevertheless since nothing in this world (except God) is perfect, this guy sure comes as close as you can get ;-)



Green Collar Male
Black/Tan Plush
a/k/a "Moose"


Human Interaction:
Submission Dominance A /2  
Elevation/Forgiveness:  B, struggled 
Pain Threshold:  7 / bit hand
Retrieve Drive: A / brought it back to tester and then took off with it
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting Drive:  B
Maze:  C
Head:  Nice triangular shaped ears, good bite, nice beautiful broad head, broad muzzle, good stop, very slightly faded muzzle
Structure: Nice front, nice broad massive chest, nice wither, nice top line, good tail set, adequate length of tail, slightly low stationed, heavy boned, good length of body, nice thighs, nice stifle, slight hocking, perfect front, nice deep chest 
Movement Clean movement
Exceptional Qualities Heavy bone
Faults: Slightly low stationed
Final Quality: Breeding
Temperament:  Medium Hard
Projection: Excellent obedience prospect, great working prospect
Tina's Additional Comments: 

This boy will be even bigger then his brother with more bone and, the greatly sought after, perfectly shaped ears!!  If I could change anything at all on this one, I would add just a "tad" bit more leg to give him that "flying trot" capability,  and darken his muzzle.   Otherwise, this guy will certainly look (especially his head) like a Captain clone!!
Although he tested out as "medium-hard' due to his "tough guy" attitude, he is a lot more "laid back" then his mischievous brother.  Bogie would rather take a nap, then look for some new adventure, yet if he is awakened just right ... he is off and running!

I just can't wait to see these boys in the show ring, I know they will turn heads wherever they go!!!




Pink Collar
 Black/Tan Plush Female


Human Interaction: A
Submission/Dominance:  A/10 Cried all the time, started to struggle at 8 but went to 10
Pain Threshold: Pulled back at 6, screamed at 8
Retrieve Drive:  A
Gun shyness: A
Fighting Drive: B/Picked up can and brought it back, interested in tug
Maze: C
Head:  Nice broad head, good bite, good stop, nice Shiloh ears, ear set on line
Structure: Slightly easty-westy, nice wither, good top line, good croup, good tail set, good length of tail, good length of body, nice thigh, good bone, adequate leg, slight hocking, nice broad chest, high hock
Movement:  Clean but not all flashy
Exceptional Qualities:    sweet loving personality
Faults:  slightly hocky, high chest
Final Quality:  possible breeding, upgradeable pet
Temperament:  medium-soft
Projection: very vocal, needs lots of attention

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This is a beautiful girl that will make a wonderful pet for someone that is able to spend a lot of time with her.  She is not as adventurous as her littermates, and will need more patience in training, but she is a very willing worker - if she understands what she should be doing.  She will not be a good SAR prospect, because she prefers to be with her human at all times.
If shown she will certainly turn many heads, even though she has minor "faults" that may prevent her from big wins, but certainly will not hold her back if shown against other "faulty" competitors.  Her huge size and  general appearance alone will demand attention wherever she goes.  With some basic training, she will certainly be an excellent ambassador for our breed, as well as a great therapy dog prospect!


Yellow  Collar Black/Tan Smooth Female 

Human Interaction: A
Submission/Dominance:  A/2 
Sociability: A/Showed signs of independence, ran off but returned happily
Elevation/forgiveness:  A
Pain Threshold: 8 / started to struggle at 6
Retrieve Drive:  A/ Brought toy back but would rather run off with it
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting Drive: B
Maze: B
Head:  Nice broad head, good bite, nice triangular ears, ear set on the line
Structure: Slightly easty-westy, nice top line, nice croup, good tail set, adequate length of tail, good bone, nice sickle hock, good length of body, good length of leg, well balanced, slight wither, good chest
Movement:  Very clean, but not flashy
Exceptional Qualities:   Huge bone and magnificent head
Final Quality:  Show/breeding prospect
Temperament:  Medium-hard
Projection: Show/breeding

Tina's Additional Comments: 

The "Brain" with a true "Ria" head & perfect ears!!  This girl seems to have it all!! She is certainly a thinker, with a slight streak of independence that  was very evident when Karen tried to get her into a flying trot.  As she went one way, then the other, then back again .. yellow girl quickly realized  that the poor women had no idea of where she wanted to go .. so she just sat down & waited for Karen to "make up" her mind!!! You could almost see those wheels (between her ears) turning.  In the maze, she looked around, analyzed her situation, and quickly went through it like she had been doing it all of her life!  A very interesting attitude!!  Will she be a good worker?  Of course ... when she WANTS to be!  If she thinks that her humans do not know what they want, or are asking something foolish ... well, that's another story ;-)

Red Collar Black/Tan
 Smooth Female

Human Interaction:  A 
Submission/Dominance: A / started struggling at 2, went until 4 
Sociability:   A
Elevation/forgiveness:   A
Pain Threshold:  Started to struggle at 3 but went to 8
Retrieve drive: A / brought ball back to tester
Gun shyness:  A
Fighting drive: B   boots of tester more exciting than the tug, investigated the can
Maze:  Had to work her through it--wanted to go over the back
Head:  Nice Shiloh ears, slightly bitchy head, good bite, ears on line
Structure:  Had wither, nice top line, slightly steeping croup, good tail set, good length of tail, nice leg, very nice sickle hock, nice bone, nice front, adequate chest, slightly easty-westy
Movement:  excellent!
Exceptional Qualities: Well balanced
Faults:  Needs better stop
Final Quality: Show
Temperament: Medium-hard
Projection: Excellent show-breeding prospect

Tina's Additional Comments: 

This girl is an extremely "happy-happy" worker, as long as she has a purpose in life.  If left to her own devices, she could easily keep her owners entertained LOL with her slight streak of ingenuity!  When the tester was finished with the ball she placed it behind the tree & took the tug, but our "firecracker" wasn't finished playing ball yet ... so when she saw the tug was being presented, she chose to run out to the tree & picked up the ball instead!  At that point the tester called her, and she immediately returned the ball (that went into the tester's pocket this time) but she refused to loose focus on it.  The other tester then tried to introduce the tug, but now our girl saw those great boots & decided that they would be a lot more fun!!
In conclusion; this girl certainly has one heck of a personality!!

Tina's Comments on the Litter:

I know that wherever these girls go, they will make us all proud!

The overall size, bone, and confident- outgoing temperaments - not to mention beautiful heads - make this a truly exception litter ;-)




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