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Taos at 8 Months

Taos, the large Artus look-alike, is currently living in California with his new family.

Taos's new owner  had purchased a Uri son from Tina Barber  in the 80's and wanted a dog with ATTITUDE. It took her over a year to find the "perfect" pup for him, but I guess it was worth the wait.  

I've had my pup for two weeks now and he continues to blow me away. He's big and tough, and, yes, drop dead beautiful. I love to watch the expressions on peoples faces when they see him for the first time. He was a big hit at the Vets, today. In a room full of adult dogs, he moved foreword and glowed with confidence. He draws lots of attention. His ears are already up, and though only 10 weeks old, you can see that he is going to be a stallion. What really amazes me is his movement. His rear drive is exquisitely efficient, superb follow through, an iron back and a foreword opening that reaches beyond his nose! People who really don't know that much have commented on how coordinated he is for such a youngster. They quickly figure out this is no ordinary dog...Well, by golly, that's what I wanted...thanks again, I'll be in touch...

Later update:

I hope the pics do justice to Taos, he just gets more beautiful every day. What they won't show is his fearless temperament, which is exactly what you promised even before the breeding. This guy is solid as a rock, not overly aggressive, but, doesn't back down from anything. During our first walks on the leash, he's calmly approached sheep and goats, and yesterday did the same with a llama! (the guy down the hill has a couple). Interestingly, they don't become fearful of him. They acknowledge him and turn toward him, but, nobody gets overly excited and I suspect it's his herding heritage shining through.

7 1/2 Month Update

Hello, I am Hank, proud owner of "the black male, the giant 'Artus' ". Just to keep you apprised of his maturing. He's awesome. He's 7 1/2 months old, well over 100 pounds and over 27". He looks similar to his father, has his head and muscular, compact type...just bigger. His hips are the best I've seen. In moving away, he is as clean as it gets (I can hardly wait to get him x-ray'd), with a very precise single track line. He is fearless without being aggressive and makes a formidable presence to strangers. He loves kids and is never unruly. This is not a tribute to my training expertise, Taos is just one cool dog. Today we did a 3 mile run and he handled it with ease, attracting lots of attention along the way. I'll send pics when he reaches 8 months. If my Taos is typical of what Artus (an outcross at that!) can produce, congratulations on owning a monumental stud dog. I am a very satisfied customer.

14 Month Update

Taos is now 29 inches in height and has just received an OFA Good on his prelimary hip x-ray. 


Rowdy4_8mo.jpg (21389 bytes) Rowdy5_8mo.jpg (21682 bytes)
Rowdy8_8mo.jpg (22635 bytes)

Rowdy at 8 Months


Rowdy is currently residing with his new family in Texas.  Here are a few of their comments about their new pup.

Rowdy is just doing great! He is so smart and we love him so much already. His ear came up completely this morning...hallelujah! When I received Tina's email Friday it was almost up but not quite. I'll tell you seeing both of those ears up just makes me tingle inside, he is so beautiful. He went to the vet last Friday, they were impressed. He weighs 29lbs. today.

Last week Monday we bought a pet gate to put in the hall entrance, I had to tippy toe to climb over it. That same day when he was on the other side he just looked at us and scaled it like it wasn't even there. We just looked at each other...I took it back the next day.

By last Tuesday he was miserable in his kennel so we bought this huge kennel (we call his condo) for giant breeds, he loves it. We also bought him this giant bed that's in the living room (he knew it was his immediately) which we'll probably move to the bedroom in a few months. We have ordered this really cool bed for the living room that's a moss green tapestry (it's back ordered). We just finished a roll of film, when we get it developed I'll email you and Tina some pictures.

Hi Tina and Karen,

Here are a couple of photos of Rowdy at 11 weeks I've taken some at 12 weeks but haven't developed them yet. Haven't been able to get a good photo of him standing (is this what you mean by stacked?) but hope to have some out of the next batch.

We couldn't be more pleased with Rowdy; he is...the perfect dog. We expected that he would have been traumatized from the long flight to Texas but no...Rowdy stepped out of his kennel on Friday like a champ and told us all about it, he was huge and looking awesome. As soon as we got home we went into the backyard (it was dark), and sat in the grass, he played. When I stood Rowdy saw my shadow on the fence and started barking (not fear barking mind you) we couldn't believe it...already guarding us! Rowdy was immediately at home and didn't exhibit any separation anxiety.

On Tuesday he walked right out the back door on his own into the yard and pottied (he didn't know I saw him)!!! We are amazed at how intelligent he is, you simply have to show him or tell him once or twice and he's got it (well...sometimes he will argue with you)! He knows exactly what he can chew and what he can't, no problem. When we went to the vet, they were very impressed with his laid back confident temperament and his unbelievable bone structure.

Rowdy isn't afraid of any thing! He's not afraid of the vacuum, bathtub, hairdryer, truck, lawnmower or the waterhose; it's incredible he is so secure. He already has a very protective instinct. At 10 1/2 weeks we were in the front yard and a jogger came down the middle of the street (we have a large front yard). When Rowdy saw him, he charged out at him and in a real huff bounced along with him barking at him the length of the yard, then stopped at the property line never leaving the grass. How does he know?

He's a big hit with the kids in the neighborhood, and it's a real thing of beauty to watch him charge and then run with them. They're ringing the doorbell everyday "Can Rowdy come out and play?" Agile? 9 weeks we bought a dog gate for the hall, that day his first look he just scaled it like it wasn't even there...we took it back.

He has almost doubled his weight of 18 lbs. at 8 1/2 weeks to 33 lbs. at 12 weeks. It's sometimes hard to remember he is so young because he so big.

Rowdy is so much more than we expected; His temperament is laid back but confident, protective but not overly aggressive, he watches very carefully and already has this intuitive sense about what's going on. And...he's is show stopping gorgeous with that huge head and perfect ears and attitude...he knows.

Tina and Karen we sent you a long list of all the attributes we were looking for in a dog and you did it! A perfect match, this is a very special dog. What an ego trip at the park!

8 Month Update

We own a pup out of Artus/Beauty his name is appropriately "Rowdy" (he's very vocal). Of course we think he's the most beautiful dog but we have never even seen another Shiloh in person. He's 8 months and 95lbs. and his fur just keeps changing. We try to take him everywhere we can, he sure gets the attention.


Noah is being trained for obedience and will be used by his master as a demo dog. However, he made it to Homecoming  just as the afternoon show was about to start, 6 month old Noah  showed up just in time! He turned a lot of heads, and even though he was not the pick "show" puppy from that litter, he made his presence known quickly. First he won his class, then he beat the older puppies that had won their classes, and finally he was up against the "big boys" and walked out as WINNER'S DOG!! Champion pointed--his first time in the ring--against several older champion pointed dogs!!

Here's more about Noah in his owner's words....

 A new pet store ( Petco ) opened up in syracuse this week, and knowing it would be full of people I decided to take Noah to check it out . Iam thinking to myself, Its a great chance to socialize him. I'll do like I normally do with him, go in walk the aisle for a few min. make sure he minds his manners and leave. WRONG! Try to picture this in your minds. We walk in the front door and start down the first isle. towards the end of the isle is one of the big glass rooms that they keep all the birds in. I started to walk by when the light came on. Hum I wonder! Its empty ( no people ). Why not all they can do is ask me to get out of there if Noah freaks out. So Noah and I turn around and go right in the middle of the room. It was fairly quiet at first, till the birds saw us. Noah walked in and did an automatic sit and came face to face with a cockatiel, that automatically started jumping around and makings noise. Noah just sat their looking at him. Then he stuck his nose up to the cage and started smelling around. This went on for a min or so then I hear someone at the door say, look at him he's beautiful. I turned around and saw a man and woman standing there staring at noah. Then the fifty questions start - What kind of dog is that, and so on. After about 5 min of talking with them the sales lady for that dept. walks in to see what's going on in the bird room. Then the questions start all over again. As i am talking to her Noah and I turn around and he now comes face to face with a giant Macaw. His tail feathers are sticking out of the cage right in Noahs face. Again he takes a sniff and just sits there looking at him. The people couldn't believe it. By now Iam starting to feel a little Trapped. ( not Noah ) So just as I 'am about to leave the room another man walks in with his two sons and guess what? yeap, The questions start again. But when they almost ran Noahs tail over with the shopping cart I decided it was time to get out. At this point I thought it was over. WRONG again. I continued to walk the isles and a few min later the guy and his sons show up again and start asking questions . He wanted to know how old he was. I said 7 months, he said 7 months, holy cow! He said he's so calm. I then reassured him that he was not always that way, I told him that he could still be like any other puppy at times. This continued as I walked the rest of the store. Every one that we passed had to stop and ask if they cold touch him. Even the lady at the cash register left the register to come and see him. So much for a quick walk through! Maybe next time I'll see if they will let a few birds out. Ha ha Iam not sure who is keeping track of who wants to participate in obedience trials at H.C. next year, but you can put us down.


Tsumo is another black Artus look alike pup. He is living in Utah with his new master.  Here are some of his owner's comments.

Early April

He strikes me as being very bold, smart, and trainable. He has already mastered stairs, both directions, and knows what "upstairs" and "downstairs" mean. As I told Jim, I had a chance to do one search dog puppy exercise with him, and he found me easily by air scenting. I'm looking forward to training him.

Early May

Just a few lines to update you on Tsumo. He's a terrific pup! He's been doing a lot of air scenting on our walks, and I expect to start his training with the SAR group within the month. He has also
learned a whole lot of commands:

HEEL (only on leash so far)
GO NUTS (at which he runs around madly)

He's really eager to please, very loving, and awfully smart. He's also learned to catch bits of kibble in his mouth, though they still have to be well-thrown.

We had what I hope will turn out to be the last snow of the season Monday and Tuesday. Tsumo likes the piles of snow that are shed off the house and barn roofs. He walks along them like a cat on a fence. He also found a piece of plywood that had been left on a hillside and discovered that, with snow on it, it makes a fine slide. He spent as much time as he could climbing up and sliding down.

We usually walk about half a mile two or three times a day, but we've covered as much as a mile, and he's keeping up just fine. If there's water around, he'll be in it. Next week I think we'll try some
considerably longer walks.

January 2000

" ...It's less than two weeks until Tsumo will be a year old and he's doing great.  After that first time doing avalanche training, he's been doing great.

We dug up some kids in MT at Christmas, and since we've been back in UT,he's been working every day, digging up chunks of hot dog and pieces of laundry from the snow.  We need a lot more work with live victims, but I think he's going to be a terrific avalanche dog.

 ...He'll play in the snow all day if I let him. ....Tsumo and I send congratulations to his parents and new brothers and sisters.  A lot of SAR handlers (and cow dog owners) add a pup when the operational dog is 5 or 6 and, so far, I haven't seen a SAR dog I'd rather have than this guy once he learns his trade.  So don't quit breeding those 2 without checking with me!



Val revisits Gettysburg 9/99

We had planned to keep a puppy from our first litter and I had had my eye on one of the sable females. One of the black females kept catching my attention (actually she kept jumping at my face) and finally I realized that she bore an uncanny resemblance to Artus's beautiful sister Asta. My mind was made up. This was the girl we would keep!

We named her Valiant Glory of Trillium Hill. Val is confident, brave, very friendly. We took her on a trip to Washington DC a couple of weeks ago. Not only did she thoroughly enjoy the new sights, sounds, the 300 mile car trip, etc., but she walked by my side on her leash, smiling and looking up at the people around her, expecting them to reach down and pet and admire her. We attended the big Cherry Blossom show (held on the mall outside the Capitol building) and she was very interested in the other dogs, Shilohs and non-Shilohs. One guy who was hanging around our group had two large Malamute-Shepherd mixes. Val was fine with them until one of them barked at me. She immediately (and we're talking about a then 11 week old puppy vs. a huge 30" dog) got between me and the dog and started barking at him. The guy moved away and Val immediately quieted down. Later we had a picnic outside the Air and Space Museum and the same guy walked his dogs by us. Val took one look at the dog and immediately started barking again. A good watch dog? Yes. Good with kids? Yes. Protective (without being aggressive)? Yes. The next day (we were at different motels every night for the four day trip so she never had a chance to become too accustomed to any one place) we stopped by Gettysburg. By this time she was used to all the attention she had received in Washington and was sort of disappointed by the Civil War buffs in Gettysburg who were more interested in looking at the monuments and markers than looking at her. We walked her by a busy gas station (cars turning in and out) in "downtown" Gettysburg and someone in a car parked by a gas pump called "Look at the puppy!" Val decided to investigate and promptly went over to the car, again to be admired.


Shannabisjrpuppy.jpg (126138 bytes) While awaiting her long journey to her new home in Holland later this month, Shanna took time out to attend her first show, the NESSA Regional Specialty on May 15th. Impressed by her flashy movement, winning attitude, beautiful chest and bone, she won BIS Junior Puppy twice. Look out, Europe, here she comes! Was Daddy proud? You bet!

For a bigger view, just click on the picture!

Shanna52399Holland.jpg (13788 bytes) Shanna left us to join her new family in Holland on May 20th. Here are her new family's comments on her first day: Shanna arrived in good shape in Amsterdam.
At the animal-hotel on Schiphol, the people loved Shanna. But she is our's now :-)She is everything we expected, and more. She is in one word : WOW.
Thank you for the special care...Shanna is 'chipped' by the vet and he shared our opinion about her. She is completly accepted by our other dogs. She specially likes our cats !
Shanna10199.jpg (35570 bytes) Shanna2.jpg (27775 bytes) Shanna at 8 Months
P0000570.jpg (168029 bytes) stand2..jpg (51032 bytes)
Despite the date on the photos, these were taken in March, 2000 at 14 months of age.  Shanna is  being trained in the  V.Z.H.-program. Visit Shanna's website!



tang1.jpg (50090 bytes) tang2.jpg (32250 bytes)

View the previous updates and the temperament test results of this litter!





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