Artus and Some of His Progeny...

Artus and His Rambunctious Pups

Artus and puppies from the first Beauty/Artus Litter

Artus and Shanna and Val at the NESSA Specialty May 1999

Artus, Shanna and Val

Artus and Noah June 1999

Artus and bCH. Ptd. Noah's Promise of Trillium

Taos--winners dog copy.jpg (286885 bytes)

b CH Ptd. Taos (Beauty/Artus son) at 19 Months (OFA Prelim Good)

bCHPtd. Oso Legend ShilohsJuly.jpg (92504 bytes)

b Ch. Ptd. Oso (Siggy/Artus son aka Missing Link) at 11 Months

Noah.jpg (78260 bytes)

b Ch. Ptd. Noah's Promise of Trillium (Beauty/Artus) at 18 Months

timber.jpg (126805 bytes)

GV bCh. Timber (Shelby/Artus) at 10 Months

Shelby2.jpg (90344 bytes)

GV bCh. Trillium's D'Shelby v. Highlife OFA Good
(Shelby/Artus) at 10 Months

Image05.jpg (74210 bytes)

8 Month old Mason (27 inches)

2224a.jpg (74464 bytes)

 bCH Ptd. Trillium-Petra Our Ajax d'Laz
(Zena/Artus) OFA Good 15M pictured at 6 months of age.


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