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The LHS started in 1984 with less than a dozen people. Through a campaign of mass advertisements many new people joined in.

The only goal set by the founders was to provide schooling and tough "breeder controls" in order to retain the superior intelligence, working ability, and health of this breed. Maintaining a strict x-ray program to prevent canine Hip dysplasia has proven itself in the good (fast normal) to excellent (normal) ratings. These dogs pass so proudly, instead of the more common "Still Permissible" (noch zuglelassen).

Through strict adherence to the Breeder Code they strive to maintain beauty along with a fearless temperament needed for a good working dog, and courageous family protector.

Our Motto: Here we breed dogs with heart and brain, and produce no assembly line (puppy mill) dogs.

Der langstockhaarige deutsche Schaferhund?
(What is the longhaired German Shepherd?)

This is the most often asked question. The Shepherds in the Zollernalb, Ebench France, Holland and Belgium needed strong , robust, long lasting dogs with a weather resilient coat for their work. The looks of the dogs was not important.

They chose dogs that were bigger, up to 68 cm (27 inches) preferred, with extreme endurance. They came in a variety of coat length and texture. The available dogs that were able to meet the requirements of soundness in mind and body were mostly the Longhair and different in physical appearance to the typical German Shepherd.

Thuringer DogIn Thuringer the dogs had very strong erect ears and wolf gray color with fine bone. They were of very high energy, with either very short or high-set curled tails.

wurttenburger dog Our important foundation ancestors come from the Wurttemberger. They are missing the strong ears but have better tails, not too short, and without strong curl. They are a courageous protector and gentle friend with untiring elegance when moving. They are big dogs with strong bones and rears. The Sheperd named them "old" German because of the difference, when the German was being developed many dogs bred had flat ears and long hair. That is why there is still so much difference in the dogs, because of how different the foundation dogs were to begin with.

The most important thing for these dogs it to be alert, obedient, friendly with children and people. They can be trained for companion, Schutzhund, search and rescue, guiding the blind, deaf and handicap therapy dogs. Their beauty comes from the heart.

Some of the many requirements that each breeder must agree to in their arrangement order (Breeders Code of Ethics) are as follows:

  1. Each breeder must have completed at least one year in "Breederschool" before being allowed permission (for one year) to produce any puppies.
  2. The breeder must submit to inspection (by the breed warden) during the first 10 days after the litter is born, and a second time after tattooing, before any puppies can be sold.
  3. Each puppy must be tattooed between 7 and 8 weeks in the right ear with breeders number.

Each dog, prior to breeding must

    1. qualify as per breed standard
    2. attain Breed Class I or II classification
    3. meet the 20 km endurance test requirements
    4. must meet the size requirements
    5. all dogs must be "a" stamped
    6. Each dog who is used for breeding must attend at least one show in an open or working class and pass with not less than a "good" rating.


Breeding between parents and their progeny, siblings or relatives in the first and second generations is not permitted. Inbreeding on relatives in the 2-3 or 3-2 must be approved by the breed warden.

No age limits are set on breeding the male. Females must be no younger than 18 months and not over 7 years. (This can be extended by one year with special permission.)


Certificates of descent from the breedersplace (kennel) must be identical to the one maintained by the LSVD


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