August 2005


Thank you for your interest in Trillium Hill Shilohs. At this point in time our Shiloh family consists of

  • Trillium Artus zum Soehrewald, CGC  ROM (the first NB import, personally selected by the breed founder) OFA Good

  • bCH PTD. Trillium Adam Tribute to Zion  OFA Good (grandson of NS abcCH. Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion OFA ROM and son of  GV 3x NS biCH Willamette Siskiyou's Chaos OFA Penn Hip Excellent!)

  • 3xNSbCH. Ursel’s Black Beauty of Zion, CGC (grand-daughter of GV abCH. Bionic Black Smoke of Zion OFA ROM)

  • Trillium's Casi d'Danica (daughter of bCH Stoney and grand-daughter of NS abcCH. Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion OFA ROM)

  • GV CH Trillium’s D-Shelby v. Highlife OFA Good out of GV bCh. Pinewood’s Lil-Shelby of Zion

  • Trillium-Vision Fire N Ice (Gaby)

and our two new additions, Newdays Panzer O'Trillium Zion and Highlanders Mia Trillium-Zion!

Adam on the march July 2002 Adam at the All About Pets Expo -- International Centre, Toronto

Have dog and camera, will travel
Gettysburg July 2002

Adam, Shiloh ambassador extraordinaire, All About Pets Expo, International Centre, Toronto March 2002

All of our dogs have been house raised with our children and accompany us on vacations, to family events and, of course, to dog shows and training classes. 

I am the Secretary of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, am active in our regional chapter (NESSA) and have been the webmaster of the Shiloh Shepherd website since Spring, 1998.  For the past eight years I have been privileged to meet and study weekly with the breed founder. I am determined to stay actively involved for the future benefit of the Shiloh Shepherd.  Our youngest boy, Bobby, trained and handled Shelby2 to the first breed club championship title earned by a NB-1 puppy!

Due to our love for these dogs and our concern over the future of this magnificent breed, we agreed in 1998 to pioneer the the breed founder's carefully selected New Blood outcross needed to ensure the future survival of this breed. Since it is commonly known that extreme inbreeding leads to loss of size, immune deficiency and many other health problems, out-crossing is imperative. Selection of a compatible bloodline that would benefit our magnificent breed without losing type, hips, temperament, etc., could be a risky venture, at worst a total disaster. For a more in depth understanding please be sure to read the ADS article written by Tina Barber and published in the March/July 1998 edition of the SSDCA Newsletter.

We are pleased to announce that the chosen ADS line, personally researched and selected by the breed founder, so far has proven to be a tremendous success! At this time we have seen the progeny from 14 litters, but the quality of these puppies has surpassed our expectations. As they have matured, they continue to amaze us with their superior intelligence, confident temperaments, and huge size!   Take a few minutes to read the Breed Founder’s Litter Evaluation Reports (LER’s) on many of the Artus litters from preceding years.  Many of the progeny from these and other Artus litters have been used to broaden and strengthen the gene pool base for the Shiloh Shepherd. We are delighted that we were able to drastically reduce the dangerous RC (Relationship Coefficient) levels for all of the Shiloh Shepherd lines. For pictures and full reports on this magnificent NB foundation dog, please visit our website at http://www.trilliumshilohs.com/artus!.htm.  Artus has sired 2 Grand Victors and 1 Grand Victrix as well as numerous other champion and champion pointed progeny and is the highest living ROM (Register of Merit) stud.  

For more information about the Shiloh Shepherd, please visit the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center. Of particular interest should be the International Shiloh Shepherd  Registry (ISSR) rules and regulations, Shiloh Shepherd breed standard, the Introduction to the Shiloh Shepherd and Frequently Asked Questions. Please also take the time to review the results of our Health Survey 2000, done in conjunction with Dr. George A. Padgett.  If you have any trouble accessing these files, please contact me immediately and I will mail you a copy of them.

We would also like to encourage you to download a copy of the SSDCA, Inc. Membership application from our web site  and join us today. Our  newsletters, published three times per year, are loaded with great articles about these dogs.

Thank you again for your interest in our Shilohs. We hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,

Karen Ursel
Trillium Hill Shilohs


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